The Time to Design is Now!

Have you been putting off a site redesign or some other design project?

If so, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Mark Pruce, our collaborator in all things design!

Mark is a graphic designer and web developer from Ithaca, NY. With a BA in Visual Design and 8 years of experience in front end web development, Mark works with a variety of clients from one-person local businesses to mid-sized NYC firms. His design work includes business cards, ads, brochures, books, and larger scale integrated branding projects. His web portfolio includes user interface design, WordPress and Shopify development as well as custom-built platforms. In addition to these skills, Mark also fills the role of project manager on several long term web projects. Away from the computer, Mark is a gardener and hiker, as well as a husband and father.

Need a designer? Would you like our help? Please contact us for assistance!