Business Website Design Services in Orlando Florida

Responsive Website Design is just the beginning...

Does your website look and feel as professional and modern as your company is? Is your website easy to use on smart phones and tablets? Does it take your potential customers more than one or two clicks to engage in a meaningful way? Website design is more than colors and pictures - a well-designed website communicates your business’ message across various platforms, draws in potential customers and helps current customers find what they are looking for. 
You are a busy business owner and you don’t have time to stay on top of the latest trends in visual design or web technologies - let Orlando Web Services bring your website into the 21st century. From full screen images and embedded videos to simple icons and subtle animations, we know modern web design.
We have worked with companies big and small to create an excellent online presence - from their website to social media to newsletters. We understand that different industries require different design approaches and we work with our clients to create the look that’s best for their business.

How does it work? - Process

Website design or redesign

You contact us about your project. We talk it over briefly on the phone and we send you a cost estimate.
After confirmation of a budget and schedule the following process applies:

You answer briefing guidelines questions and we meet to discuss your communication and marketing strategy, the content organization, and features you need.

The design starts. Concepts are presented with the home page and one or two typical inside pages as examples..

We meet again to discuss what you like/do not like and what concept should be refined further.

You review the refinements and either approve the design or request minor revisions.

The HTML5/CSS3 templates are programmed and tested with all modern desktop browsers and on mobile phones and tablets.

The templates are transferred to our website developers. Under our supervision they will program the theme into your content management system (CMS).

Briefing Guidelines

What you should provide before we can start a website theme design or customization:

  • Answers to the questions included in a “Website Design Worksheet” document that we will provide. They cover the following topics: company background, marketing communication, website project details, website audience.
  • Your logo and brand guidelines if any.
  • Your existing graphic communication materials if you wish for the website to carry a similar look.
  • A list of other websites if you believe that they could inspire your website’s look and feel or its content organization.
  • If possible, a draft of your content if not already published on the website.