Digital Performance Analysis

Online Presence Management (OPM) includes: Digital Performance Analysis

Looking for a path to online success? The development of a digital performance analysis will help you define digital key performance indicators (KPI's) and establish benchmarks and goals for increased business success driven by digital marketing. The core objective of this effort is to identify digital marketing opportunities that align with business goals & objectives. The final deliverable of this effort is documentation of strategic digital recommendations based on findings from the following four sections:

Step 1 - Review

Create a profile of the client’s current digital marketing ecosystem based on the last 12 months (or available) of data using available Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO, Social media, industry research, and other data sources.

Step 3 - Define

Based on overall business objectives, identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your digital marketing efforts and establish baseline metrics for success. Align KPI’s to your business goals.

Step 2 - Competitive Analysis

Perform a high-level review of the competitive environment including 3 to 5 competitors’ digital presence, content analysis, competitive traffic patterns, and keyword analysis.

Step 4 - Recommend

Definition and prioritization of opportunities for enhancements to current marketing efforts, as well as recommendations for future opportunities geared towards delivering increased results for defined KPI’s.


1. Initial Input Meeting

Initial planning session between us and the client to review overall goals, current success metrics, current digital marketing efforts and strategic plans for future efforts. Client will provide access to Google Analytics and any other utilized digital tools as well as 3-5 key competitors.

2. Analysis

Following the initial input session, Orlando Web Services will compile data from tools such as, SEMrush, industry sites and others to develop the Review and Competitive Analysis portions of the scope of work.

3. Initial Presentation & KPI Definition

We will present the findings of review and competitive assessment to the client and discuss ideas surrounding digital key performance indicators aligned with business goals.

4. Strategic Planning

Based on the discussion, we will detail the KPIs, identify baselines and develop strategic recommendations for future digital marketing efforts, developing the Define and Recommend portions of the scope of work.

5. Presentation and Recommendations

We will present the final site key performance indicators, and high level strategic recommendations for digital marketing opportunities.

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